1,Amazon address list

2,Requirement of package

  • Do not accept wooden box packaging and air box, no woven bag packaging;
  • The length of the longest side is less than 120cm or the length of the second longest side is more than 75cm;
  • If the actual weight of a single carton is ≥31KG and ≤68KG, a surcharge is required;
  • The actual weight exceeds 68KG, the length exceeds 270cm or (width + height) *2+ is longer than the maximum limit of UPS 300CM, then it is not received;
  • The Amazon warehouse box should be affixed with two warehousing lables, not to be sealed at the sealing port;

3,Chargeable weight

  • Volume weight=L*H*W/6000
  • Chargeable weight=bigger one between gross and volume weight.

4,Transit Times

  • Air Shipping to EU FBA AMAZON :7-17days
  • Railway Shipping to EU FBA AMAZON :20-30days
  • Air Shipping to USA FBA AMAZON:7-15days
  • Normal Sea Shipping to USA FBA AMAZON :25-30days
  • Fast Sea Shipping to USA FBA AMAZON :18-22days